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Land Opportunity

Location: Bulgarevo Village – between Kavarna and Balchik
               ­ Kavarna - 15 km
               ­ Balchik - 15 km

Size: 31270 Sqm

Estimated Reg: Kint 2.0, 50% site coverage, height - 13

Price: €40 per sqm in regulation

Details: The plot is located in the front line of the Black Sea coast, bordering a historical record. There are rocks in front so you can enjoy the magic of the the Black Sea from a location with a perfect view. Near by a military airport soon to be in blast.

Ownership of Property:

Current legal Position
Foreigners are allowed to own buildings in Bulgaria but they are not allowed to own the land. The simple solution is for property to be purchased through a Bulgarian company. Bulgarian law allows Bulgarian companies to be 100% foreign owned.

Resolution laws
In common with other Eastern European countries, Bulgaria made provision for the return of property to owners whose property had been confiscated during the communist era. Land restitution was finalised in 2000, and the process of restitution of agricultural land was completed in 2001. At the end of 2002, 92% of woodlands and forest land had been restituted. A land parcels register is being established, and the second phase of land reform, which is the consolidation of land, has started.

Additional Costs

Additional costs one may expect are as follows:
» Brokers fees of 2-3%
» Municipal taxes on land acquisitions of 2% of cost
» Notary and legal fees of around 0.5%

Additional Information

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